My Life in Archetype and Myth – The Spiritual Child – Music Therapy

As a base for your own analysis of claimed myth, let me allegorize through claimed example. These are the belief and archetypes that accept abounding me over the endure 64 years.

As a adolescent I was disorientated, isolated, and misunderstood. By the time I was seven or eight, I perceived that the apple and the ancestors I was in to be somehow adverse and clashing for me. I absurd I would be rescued by my absolute family, my people, possibly from addition ambit or solar system. Sometimes at night I would apprehend abroad rumblings in the sky and say to myself, “This is it. They are advancing tonight.” This maintained me in a hopeful state, a action that enabled me to go on. The classic at plan in me actuality was the Lost Adolescent illustrated in abundant bogie tales, the Orphan, the Airy Child, the advanced adolescent of wisdom, innocence, and the future, and the allegory that was affective in and through me was the action with aphotic armament and the attempt for survival. Fabulous examples cover Hansel and Gretel, Cinderella, Romulus and Remus, and the adventure of Moses.

As a teenager, accepting braved the tribulations of a breach family, the rantings of an alcoholic father, and the pleadings of a victim mother, I angry my accustomed airy inclinations against music. Spirituality had no ambience in my ancestors and faced with the disappointment of my abrupt action into the Anglican Church, music seemed to actualize something of the holy, the sacred, even the abstract superior of attendance which I sensed and was accustomed with and which I accomplished as added absolute than my carnal existence.

Occupying the Transcendence: The Shaman

Music enabled me to absorb the arete I acquainted central me; it empowered me to advance my ambition of the Divine. I advised the drums and was absorbed by the appointment of time and the algebraic attention of acting in amplitude to bisect time in a amazing ritual that created rhythm, pace, and meter. Wood, metal, and derma were my agency to adoration secularly and paganly in a around-the-clock commemoration of aboveboard home-transcending and homecoming. The classic at plan in me actuality was the healer, the anesthetic man, and the shaman who rides to added worlds and ambit on the drum, as intermediary, healer, and visionary, and the allegory that was affective in and through me was the healing commemoration of advancement the affiliation amid the worlds, airy and visible, above actualization and accepted perception. Fabulous examples cover the age-old Sumerian goddess Ninkarrak, Bear Anesthetic Woman in the Aboriginal Nations tradition, the Greek hero Asklepios, and from Hinduism Garuda, the abundant man-eagle who mediates amid bodies and the gods.

Art and Alchemy: The Lone Wolf

In my twenties I not alone apparent analysis and meditation, I became a singer-songwriter, acknowledgment the plight of the animal action through my song lyrics, singing of the adversity of adulation and existence, of acceptance and abandonment. This was for me consistently acutely austere and generally painful. The amount I paid in achievement was decidedly exacting. I acquainted that I active a abysmal close space, an autogenous confinement and yet accompanying affianced in adumbration and entering confession, publicly. The classic I was acceptance through me at that time in my activity was the minstrel, the poet, the agent of news, the story-teller, the dejection accompanist who performs the abracadabra of singing the world’s ills and converting humanity’s adversity even as he himself suffers from his own and others’ suffering. The allegory at plan was that of the sacrifice, the ritual offering, the dupe beatific out to atone. Fabulous examples cover Orpheus, David the biographer of Psalms, and the Omega Wolf who collapses beneath the weight of aggregate affliction and is pushed out of the association to become the Lone Wolf.

Becoming the Lone Wolf was a abstruse acquaintance for me and one that was to proscribe the absolute blow of my activity by acceptance the centermost classic in me to acquire me; my accomplished activity was to become committed to this one following as the added archetypes angled in acknowledgment and alone their appropriate to reside through me.

The Tests and Challenges of the Appellant in Seek of Himself

At aboriginal this new authoritative classic embodied as the searcher, the student, the appellant in seek of himself, as I plunged with abundant allure into the activities and contest of claimed growth, consciousness-raising, therapy, and close work, as we alarm it now. My affection for it was great. It so actual bound alternate me to myself in a way I never anytime hoped would be possible. Actuality were the aliens, the fourth-dimensional beings who I had waited for and longed to accomplishment me in my childhood.

My 18-carat appointment with a new brand of men and women accomplished me into the apple of activity and accurate experience. I was to acquisition myself through a continued adventure through abounding tests and challenges to appear transformed. The Orphan or Airy Adolescent acquaintance enabled me to advance ability and an close absoluteness based on absolute experience.

Through my claimed myth, I developed my adolescence admiration at the amazing ordinariness in the world, its adorableness and numinosity, its celebrity and mundaneness, its acute anguish and animating joy. This is the allegory of the hero’s journey. Describe your own myth. See the prevailing capacity in your life. Express them through dance, art, poetry, and story-telling. Enhance your activity with the ability of your life’s congenital purpose and direction. You will acquisition yourself active in a added all-embracing way, in a added abounding way. Pass these account on to your accompany even as you become acquainted of their fabulous dimension. Plan with your audience on the archetypal level. This will accommodate clarity, deepening compassionate and accord admired advertence credibility for their activity journey.


A Stroke Struck and Changed My Family Forever

Time waits for no one. Can ten years fly like a achievement of lightning? Was it not bygone I was disillusioned by what happened on August 16th, 2007? Was the affliction not bluff than the sharpest razor brand anytime manufactured? Didn’t I attempt to accept the adage that time will affluence the affecting abrasion and eventually alleviate me? Wow! As I attending aback this month, I accept no advantage but to acknowledge God for breadth He has brought me and my admired ones from. If it had not been Him on our ancillary all these years, breadth would we be? Time has absolutely bargain the absurd pain. May the name of the Lord be adored for anytime more.

Back in 2003, an abrupt buzz alarm from my adolescent brother Osa woke me from abysmal slumber. He had bad news! His abutting acquaintance in Nigeria had just alleged allegorical him our mother suffered a achievement – the appropriate ancillary of her physique was paralyzed. A actual algid arctic raced down my aback as it dawned on me all her accouchement resided alfresco the country. We were bags of afar away. How was she traveling through this daydream afterwards anyone of us by her side? Tears became the adjustment of the moment and backward so till I bankrupt the account to my adolescent sister Uyi who lived in the aforementioned city-limits with me.

Trying to brainstorm our mother partially bedridden was traumatizing. Afterwards all, I just saw a few months ago. She bubbled with so abundant activity during her vacation with us in the U.S. I saw her off to the airport and stood there bouncing and watching her till she was out of sight. Little did I apperceive I was watching my mother walking with her two legs bottomless for the endure time. Such is life!

Preceding the appearance of a stroke, my mother lived in the apple of beatitude she created for herself. We alleged it “her paradise.” She admired accessibility and paid for it in an instant. She consistently had a agents for any and aggregate – a abode help, a cook, driver, agriculturalist and aegis or Gatemen like we alarm them. My mom did not charge to lift a feel as aggregate was done for her.

Her adulation for God was immeasurable. I bethink her acquisition accouchement in the adjacency and wetting their cursory appetites with accolade so that by the time the absolute aliment (the Word of God) came they had no best but to participate. She aswell committed a allowance in our abode to prayer. If we were young, my ancestors and I acclimated to alarming getting summoned into that room. We were accepted to absorb at atomic one abounding hour in adoration with ache affliction disturbing to band us of the little absorption we battled to maintain.

Entertaining humans was something my mother did with a raw passion. Even if we had a company at midnight, she had a different way of advancing up with a bowl with or afterwards capacity in the house. Her adulation for music went ancillary by ancillary with absorbing people. Aback in the aboriginal seventies my mother affiliated loudspeakers from her bedchamber all the way to the kitchen. How can I overlook how the accomplished abode woke up to classical music or hymns a lot of mornings? As music had a abiding abode in our abode so did my mother’s adulation for art. From sculptures to paintings, she bought them like they were traveling out of fashion. Assorted flowers in her able-bodied kept garden was priceless for her. She talked to her plants every day and mourned even if the ugliest annual in the garden died.

One of us had to biking to Nigeria to be with our angel mother. Although the timing was bad for all us because coincidentally, we were all ambidextrous with alone storms angry like mad dogs in our lives, my brother Osa, her alone son and endure adolescent hopped on the next accessible flight.

Reality set in as Osa accustomed in Lagos, Nigeria. Our mother was worse than we imagined. The aboriginal plan to get her taken affliction of till she was able abundant to biking to the U.S. a ages or two afterwards went out of the window. Osa had to accompany her aback with him. They larboard three weeks afterwards on a flight with a abode in London.

Uyi and I spent the morning advancing to accept our mother. I had a harder time mentally picturing what laid ahead. For one, I can’t angle seeing humans ailing or suffering. How was I traveling to abdomen seeing my mother ailing and helpless? I had no best but to ambit my fears beneath the rug of fate and delay till I set my eyes on her. On the added hand, my sister was added than prepared. She loves caring for humans and had already toyed with the abstraction of advancing Nursing. She was mentally and physically accessible to yield on the claiming of searching afterwards our mother.

I can never overlook the moment we met our mum and Osa at the Arrivals breadth of the airport. We were so abashed to see our admired mother! She was a far cry from the woman I saw off to the airport the endure time she visited. Who would accept absurd her next appointment to the U.S. would be in a wheelchair? I was speechless, arctic with abhorrence and in denial. Her admeasurement and abandon had diminished so abundant – she was bisected her admeasurement and so helpless. Her signature amusement that consistently appear her attendance was boilerplate to be found. She could hardly talk. I remained in a cushion of shock the accomplished day. I just could not attending at her in the face. How could I?

That night I got into bed with her. She was lying on her aback and staring at the beam as if she was searching for answers to the abounding questions on her mind. She seemed to be animated to be about her accouchement and grandchildren but I knew my mother was angry with the adverse allurement her physique was bent in. I laid besides her in absolute silence. Sleep was far from me because of how abundant I ached emotionally. I looked at her in the aphotic and noticed tears rolling down into her pillow. I was aswell complaining in blackout until I summoned up backbone and asked in a articulation like I just woke up “Are you accept Mommy?” She aside to me “I am accomplished my dear.”

The aboriginal few weeks were rough. We wore the blind of patience, adherence and altruism as we did aggregate beneath the sun for our mother. She was like a new babyish in our abandoned arms. I babysat her at night while my sister took affliction of her during the day. Although we were activity burnt out because we didn’t apperceive bigger additional the answerability of seeing her like that bedeviled us a abundant deal. Her appointment to a accurate doctor opened addition chapter.

Series of tests were performed on her and she was referred for Physical Therapy. Her aboriginal day in analysis was the alpha of the apathetic afterlife of assurance in the activity of my mother. The admirable but absolute American therapist fabricated my mother do some things we never absurd she could do even with the attendance of fractional paralysis. The therapist fabricated us affiance not to abetment her except it was necessary. I aboveboard accustomed the abstraction with abatement but inwardly doubted if my mother could cope – she was acclimated to getting pampered. My mom did not acquisition this adjudication funny. How could she? We assured her it was traveling to be a bit-by-bit action for her own good. This was the alpha of the bit-by-bit adjournment of my mother absolutely relying on us or anybody to do things for her.

We started by blank her connected appeal to be put on the next accessible flight aback to her abundance area in Lagos, Nigeria. We were not traveling to advice her escape to her “paradise” because with the achievement she had to do it herself or abandon to the fate of abiding paralysis. As our mother abounding analysis on a connected basis, she saw some patients advancing in afterwards easily or legs but a angry assurance to do things afterwards assistance. She started seeing the accountability of depending on others to do the little things you can do for yourself. This motivated her and with time, faith, and advance from everyone, she started accomplishing things for herself to the point of arrive the use of her larboard duke and leg. She abstruse to benedict herself afterwards assistance, get into and out of bed by herself, move about with little or no assistance, augment herself application her larboard duke and even go on outings with the ancestors with basal assistance.

She bigger badly and accomplished that her abstraction of “paradise” was in fact hell because the adeptness to do things by yourself is an invaluable asset. Although the achievement is the affliction affair one can experience, in my mother’s case it helped us apprentice some invaluable lessons. For one, it apparent the animal ancillary of dependence, accomplished us backbone and tolerance, added our acceptance in God that annihilation is impossible, fostered accord in our ancestors and beat demography advantage of any situation. We abstruse to reside every individual day intentionally.

We were advantaged to accept our mother for four added years. We all rotated caring for her in our homes for 6 months to one year at a time. At about 9:30pm on August 16, 2007, our admired mother went to glory. It larboard a huge abandoned in our lives but 10 years later, I can attending aback and acknowledge God for seeing us through this actual bitter but admired allotment of our lives.

Darling Mommy, admitting it still seems like yesterday, your admirable anamnesis will consistently amble in our hearts. I absence you so, so much! Fond, memories of the acceptable times, your different laughter, jokes, mozzarella and almond chic and all you stood for. I am consistently beholden to God for the advantage of accepting a mother like you. I will consistently adulation and admire you. Acknowledge you for bringing me to this world, the admirable activity you gave all of us, your ethics and all you stood for. No day passes afterwards a anamnesis of you. May your admirable abide to blow in accord until we accommodated again.

May the souls of all our admired ones departed, blow in absolute peace, in Jesus’ name.

– Music Therapy